Brief Low-Rise Hipster

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Brief Low-Rise Hipster

Brief Low-Rise Hipster

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Our innovative reimagination of the traditional bikini panties favored by many, the Brief Low-Rise Hipster ensures comfort and safety throughout the day. With antibacterial action, high breathability and fast moisture evaporation, these hipsters are the perfect balance between minimalist design and maximum functionality.

Outer composition: 87% polyamide (nylon 6.6) and 13% elastane.

Inner composition: 88% modal and 12% elastane.

Model in white and blue. Height: 5'5, size S | 2, bra 34B

Model in black. Height: 5'9, size XL | 12, bra 34C.

Product characteristics

  • Antibacterial

  • Ultra light and soft

  • Breathable

  • Biodegradable

  • Does not fade


Micromodal and polyamide are notable fibers used in our panties. Their structure and molecular composition create fabrics that have high absorption and evaporation of sweat, avoiding that muggy, smothering feeling of dampness throughout the day. This sweat-wicking property also ensures that there is no proliferation of bacteria from the build up of moisture over time.


Functional underwear must have a good fit and every person deserves to feel good in their underwear. The Brief Low-Rise Hipster is made of fabric that stretches to conform to any shape without being too tight, and the built-in seams don't leave any marks, ensuring you're comfortable and relaxed while keeping up with your busy routine.


The Brief Low-Rise Hipster

The Brief Low-Rise Hipster were developed to provide comfort and safety throughout the day. After all, there is nothing more uncomfortable than an underwear that does not fit the body, has low breathability and increases perspiration in the region.

The Brief is an upgrade on the traditional bikini panties. The great advantage of our undies is in the fabric technology and design, which combined provide great functionality without compromising on elegance.

Breathability and women's health

When a fabric is not breathable, perspiration in the intimate area increases, making it moist throughout the day. Therefore, the fabrics used in lingerie need to be highly breathable, contributing to the health of the intimate region. With that in mind, we created panties with noble, technological fibers to ensure comfort and safety.

The fibers used are modal and polyamide, which allow high absorption and evaporation of sweat. Thus, the fabric avoids the feeling of suffocation and the proliferation of bacteria, responsible for bad odor. Therefore, the Brief is an antibacterial panty with anti-odor and anti-sweat action.

Comfort and safety in every situation

Although there are several types of panties available on the market, those that prioritize comfort are the most functional for everyday life. For this reason, Insider's products are highly comfortable and adaptable to the body.

The fabrics used in the manufacturing of the brief panties allow the garment to adapt to the body without being tight. In addition, they have built-in seams, avoiding irritation and marks on the skin. In other words, it is a firm, comfortable model that provides the necessary security to face a busy life without worries.

Sustainability and production process

Sustainability is part of Insider's DNA, and this means paying attention to the entire production process of our essential items. Besides being a comfortable panty, the brief is a model produced with biodegradable fiber. This means that it can be disposed of in landfills, because it will decompose in a sustainable way.

Moreover, the production process of the modal - used in the inner part of the panty - uses four times less water than cotton. Therefore, besides being a technological and functional panty, the brief is environmentally friendly, generating the least environmental impact possible.

Insider's technological briefs

Insider's panties are technological and follow a minimalist design. They have high breathability and antibacterial action, in addition to rapid absorption and evaporation of sweat, avoiding an unpleasant feeling of dampness.

The brief panty modeling is known as bikini, but those who prefer a larger piece, with hot panty design, can opt for the Safe Hi-Rise Hipster. It is also produced with Insider's quality and technology, uniting functionality and beauty in one piece.