Minimal Thong

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Minimal Thong

Minimal Thong

Regular price $16
Sale price $16


The modern reinterpretation of the thong, for those who want to show off skin and curves without compromising on comfort. It features all of Insider's fabric technologies: anti-odor properties and quick evaporation of moisture woven into the fibers of ultra-light and extremely soft fabric.

Exterior composition: 87% polyamide (nylon 6.6) | 13% elastane.

Internal composition: 88% modal | 12% elastane.




Product characteristics

  • Antibacterial

  • Ultra light and soft

  • Breathable

  • Anti moisture

  • Biodegradable

  • Does not fade


Besides a seamless, no-show finish in the back, these panties are also highly breathable and capable of quickly evaporating moisture to avoid lingering dampness. The textile the Minimal Thong is made of is specifically engineered for maximum comfort throughout the day, the softness and smoothness of the fabric ensuring that the wearer experiences zero chafing while the moisture-wicking feature keeps sensitive regions dry.


Not only do these panties feature seamless design throughout for a smooth, clean image, they also possess a double-layered fabric lining for increased anti-microbial protection. This feature has the dual effect of also reducing any odor that might occur throughout the day; a sexy appearance doesn't need to be at the cost of discomfort and stress about body dour. The Minimal Thong is the most comfortable and soft panty you'll ever wear.


Minimal Thong

The Minimal Thong is designed to provide comfort and sensuality - but without losing track of our sustainability and functionality pillars. 

This version of women's panties is very popular due to its great fit to all bodies, emphasizing a sexy, elegant look. Our Minimal Thong will be a great fit for you, lighting up the best in your body with the soft, extra comfy touch that our fabrics feature.

Insider’s thong is for all styles

Our Minimal Thong is made for all bodies and styles. We designed it thinking about all women. This panty has a bold design that suits every ocasion. Because we do not compromise on comfort this thong will provide a great feel for everyday activities. It is made with micromodal fabric, featuring anti moisture and antimicrobial action - perfect for the busiest days. This panty represents women’s freedom through the power of choice, combining form and function for everyday use.

Designed for all bodies

Insider’s Thong was created to highlight beauty and personality of all women. Its design focuses on the balance of revealing the best in the body and comfort. It adapts perfectly to the skin without leaving marks, and it won’t show on tight clothes. It is an excellent addition to your daily life.