String Panty

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String Panty

String Panty

Regular price $15
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Featuring the same technology applied to our Brief and Safe hipsters - antimicrobial protection, high breathability and quick evaporation of moisture -, String Panty has thinner sides with and a comfortable, soft touch.


External composition: 87% polyamide (nylon 6.6) | 13% elastane.

Internal Composition: 88% modal | 12% elastane.

Product characteristics

  • Antibacterial

  • Breathable

  • Anti moisture

  • Biodegradable

  • Does not fade


With thinner sides, the String Panty is our ultra comfortable, technological thong panty. The extremely soft side strap ensures extra comfort for all hips.


String Panty is made of biodegradable polyamide and modal lining, ensuring the sustainability of the garment. The highly breathable characteristic of the fabrics brings additional protection against bacterial growth.


String Panty

With its micromodal lining, the string panty will prevent bacterial and fungi proliferation. It is breathable, very stretchy and with moderate back coverage.But do you know what a string panty is? This lingerie is bikini shaped with an elastic string waist. The elastic is encapsulated so it wont touch your skin directly. It is revealing and yet comfortable.

From size S to XXL 

This design will fit every waist size as its adjustable side strings give you control on how loose or tight you want to wear it. Depending on the adjustment, it can even have double side strings.These adjustment options make it a comfy underwear that will look beautiful on every body type and that is why it is one of the most popular panties on the market.

You get the best of both worlds: from comfy to sexy

This design is not only comfortable and safe as it will also give you a modern and sexier look that is between the Hipsters Briefs and the Minimal Thong.


For a more casual look and to add character to your days, you can choose from a variety of colors and keep comfy and safe while being creative.

Technology at your service

Insider's pieces are meant to be a mix of comfort and technology and this principle guided the design process of the String Panty. It is made from an antibacterial fabric that is 75% more effective against bacterial spread than cotton and it is also breathable and durable.All of Insider's underwear are especially comfortable and made of environmentally friendly materials: biodegradable polyamide, that is capable of being decomposed, on the outside and a modal lining that you absorb and evaporate sweat, preventing bacterial spread and that stuffy feeling.

Choose the right underwear

The string panty is the right piece to show your curves, but not much. The back coverage is moderate and wont show on tight clothes. It will match your clothes while keeping it comfortable, as its side strings are very adjustable and you give freedom to set it perfectly to your body.