Comfort Boxer

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Comfort Boxer

Comfort Boxer

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We created the Comfort Boxer to bring more comfort to your daily life. Made with natural fibers, it is ultra soft and does not overly constrict or roll up the legs. The anti-sweat version has an extra layer of fabric in the crotch area to absorb moisture and reduce humidity, while Insider's material technology ensures high breathability and antibacterial/anti-odor action.

Composition: 88% micromodal and 12% elastane

Model height: 6'0, size: M | 30.

Product characteristics

  • Anti odor

  • Breathable

  • Ultra light and soft

  • Perfect fit

  • Thermal regulation

  • Biodegradable


Available in two versions - basic and anti-sweat, which has reinforced absorption - our Comfort Boxer is 2x more absorbent than regular cotton underwear. It absorbs sweat and evaporates it quickly before unwanted sweat stains appear on clothing. The anti-sweat version has double layer of fabric in the crotch region, ensuring even more protection against excess dampness.


Both the simple and the anti-sweat versions are the best boxer briefs for sports and hot days. These boxers are snug while still providing a good amount of stretch, offering you no friction or resistance to movement - a perfect companion while doing sports.


Comfort Boxer

The comfort boxer was created to bring more comfort to your everyday life. It is made with an extra soft, breathable and odor-preventing natural fiber, designed to provide all-day-long well-being even on the busiest days.

Higher temperatures and business attire do not go well together. Even so, some occasions still call for the classic dress shirt and pants combination. With this in mind, Insider developed the Comfort Boxers to make your days easier and more pleasant. We want you to stay confident that odor and sweat won’t get in the way of you solving the real problems out there.


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Comfort  boxers underwear are made out of highly absorbing fabric twice as effective in sweat absorption than traditional cotton underwear. It absorbs and evaporates the sweat before it reaches your pants, avoiding embarrassing stains and unpleasant odors.

There are two options, the simple and the anti-sweat model. The main difference is that the anti-sweat model has additional fabric lining both in the front and in the back, while the simple version features only an additional layer of fabric in the front. Anti-sweat version brings even more protection and it is recommended for those with intense sweating.

The best underwear: quality and technology

At Insider, you can find products with thermodynamic technology that helps regulate body temperature. This factor, by itself, already helps perspiration. However, our fabrics also have superior sweat absorption and breathability, resulting in an anti-odor effect.

Comfort Boxer is made for any situation, being the best briefs to maintain comfort and well-being throughout a busy work day. It is firm enough, keeping everything in place, and it features anti-sweat protection where you need it the most: in the back, between the legs and in the front. Its technological fabric prevents the proliferation of bacteria.


Comfortable and ecological underwear

The fabric used in our underwear, with fiber of natural origin, makes it ultra soft. Besides, it adapts to the body, making those embarrassing "digging outs" unnecessary. In other words, it keeps everything in place, without tightening! That is why they are called the perfect underwear: they are comfortable and also functional.

They can also be considered eco-friendly, because they require four times less water than traditional cotton underwear. The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world, so it is important for us to use processes that are less aggressive to the environment.

Moreover, due to their increased durability, Insider's underwear make you consume less and better.

Technological clothing is at Insider Store

To bring all these benefits to our products, we use textile technology to create something functional and with less impact on the environment. Another important point is that the fabrics used in our Comfort Boxer are Oeko-Tex® certified (we do not use products that are harmful to human health).

With Insider underwear, you will be ready to fulfill an agenda of appointments and go to events without thinking about sweat and common discomforts for men. See the models in our catalog and choose the best option for you!