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The Briefs are the upgrade from the traditional men's underwear and it is available in two versions: Comfort and Performance. The Briefs are made of soft modal and biodegradable polyamide fibers providing extra comfort and high breathability.

Composition: 88% modal and 12% elastane

Model height: 6'0, size: M | 30.

Product characteristics

  • Anti odor

  • Breathable

  • Ultra light and soft

  • Perfect fit

  • Thermal regulation

  • Biodegradable


Our Briefs were developed to offer comfort to those who prefer the classic men's underwear. Its design with side cutouts keeps the legs free, without tightening. It is made with soft fabric that adjusts to the body. 


The Briefs feature high quality modal and polyamide fabrics. Its technology provides high sweat absorption and quick evaporation, avoiding that moist, smothering feeling and the growth of odor causing bacteria.


Insider's Briefs

The Insider's briefs are a technological reinterpretation of the traditional slip underwear. Unlike the boxer-style, it has side cut-outs, keeping the legs free and providing a feeling of comfort and freedom.

All this added to Insider's sweat-proof and anti-odor technology. Designed to provide comfort and safety to your daily life, the slip underwear is produced from soft and breathable biodegradable polyamide.

Learn about our technology

The men's slip underwear is breathable and anti-odor, factors that add comfort, as they prevent heat from accumulating in the underwear region. To achieve these results, the fabric is made with premium synthetic yarn, which provides well-being and ultra-fast drying.

Another important factor that makes all the difference when it comes to health and personal hygiene is the antibacterial property of the fabric. It prevents the proliferation of odor-causing bacteria. In addition, the anti-sweating characteristic is achieved by the absorption and rapid evaporation of sweat, avoiding the feeling of dampness.

Briefs for a comfortable and safe routine

A busy routine requires quality garments that make daily life more practical. Even in the period of high temperatures, some attires still demand the use of formal (and hot) clothes. In these cases, the need for technological underwear increases as a solution for excessive dampness and bad smells that can impact confidence and comfort.

Insider's underwear is the ideal choice, because unlike a cotton brief, it absorbs and evaporates sweat quickly, avoiding embarrassing stains. In addition, the technology of the piece ensures that everything stays in place firmly, but without tightness.

Conscious and sustainable consumption

The processes adopted in the production of slip underwear are sustainable, since the fabric is made of the first biodegradable polyamide ever developed. Thus, it is possible to guarantee the necessary comfort for the day-to-day and, at the same time, reduce the impact on the environment.

We use textile technology to ensure modern, functional underwear for both men and the environment. Our products have the international Oeko-Tex® certification, which proves that they are free of substances harmful to human health.

Find your ideal slip underwear at Insider

Ideal for those who do not give up well-being on a daily basis, the Insider men's slip underwear is a technical reinterpretation of the traditional underwear. Thus, it is possible to have thermal comfort, even on hot days, a characteristic that makes the piece suitable for several occasions.

Insider's products have anti-odor and anti-perspiration technology so that you can fulfill a demanding schedule without worrying about embarrassing stains caused by perspiration. Tech briefs and undershirts are made with fabrics that adapt to the body, so you can stay comfortable and focus on what really matters: your performance.