Easy Legging

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Easy Legging

Easy Legging

Regular price $72
Sale price $72


The Easy Legging fits perfectly to the body and it is designed to make you comfortable and unconcerned about transparency. It features a highly technological fabric with squat-proof coverage. Since it absorbs sweat and evaporates it quickly, it is an ultra breathable, antibacterial garment that helps to avoid unpleasant odor.

Composition: 77% Polyamide and 23% Elastane

Brunette model wears size S

Blonde model wears size G



Product characteristics

  • Perfect fit

  • High resistance

  • Antibacterial

  • Ultra light and soft

  • Biodegradable


We created the Easy Legging so you can focus on your workout, and nothing else. With cutouts in the right places, it draws the body without revealing anything. Made with ultra-resistant, stretchy fabric, it passes the squat test: zero transparency, zero embarrassment.


Like all of our products, Easy Legging evaporates sweat quickly, and it is made of ultra traction-resistant fabric that allows you to move freely. Also, it is antibacterial, preventing unwanted odors.


Legging pants allow free movement during exercise. No wonder it is always present in fitness looks. Easy Legging is Insider's technological legging for those looking for high performance and comfort during physical activities.

Our women's leggings are produced with Insider technology: thermal comfort, breathability, durability and modern design are the main features. Check below all the advantages of using Easy Legging.

Freedom of movement

Yoga, volleyball, tennis and weight training are very distinct activities, but they are all made up of movements that require range and flexibility. Rigid parts that limit the body affect performance during physical activities. Therefore, it is important to invest in clothing suitable for sports practice.

Insider's fitness legging pants are made with polyamide (77%) and elastane (23%). This combination is perfect for those looking for a comfortable outfit that adapts to their movements. After all, the fabrics are ultra resistant and elastic.

Insider Technology

The perfect combination of polyamide and elastane is responsible for the high coverage fabric used in our leggings. So rest assured, it passes the squat test: it's zero transparency. In addition, tissue compression reduces microtrauma, improves muscle recovery and reduces the chances of injury.

Our leggings are ultra breathable: it quickly absorbs and evaporates sweat. It also has antibacterial action, preventing the proliferation of bacteria that cause bad odor. With Easy Legging, you avoid constraints and can train without worries, focusing on what really matters: performance.

Innovative design

Design makes all the difference in fitness clothes, after all this market is growing and the possibilities keep increasing. Today, you can find pants with different cutouts, colors and prints that appeal to the most varied styles.

Easy Legging has a high and double waist, providing safety and comfort for the abdominal region. In addition, it has a side pocket and reinforced seam cutouts that design the body. The result is a minimalist, modern, stylish and functional piece.

From active to casual

Easy Legging is not just a pair of leggings for the gym. It adapts between different environments because of the minimalist design that easily combines with all outfits.

Our black leggings, for example, can be used with knits and especially on cold days. For a more laid-back look, you can bet on a parka and casual sneakers. The possibility of combinations is very large and includes different styles.

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