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Regular price $79
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VERSATILE, FUNCTIONAL AND SOPHISTICATED. The Wingsuit is our functional coat. Its wide, body-embracing design offers extra comfort for any occasion while its highly durable fabric - the Techsture - is easy to wash and care. It is ultra light and soft and it helps to regulate body temperature. It is a long lasting, timeless item for your wardrobe.

Composition: 57% polyamide, 38% viscose, 5% elastane

Model in black and gray mint wears size P
Model in off-white wears size L


Product characteristics

  • Anti odor

  • No need to iron

  • Thermal regulation

  • Does not fade

  • Ultra light and soft

  • Sustainable


Made with TECHSTURE fabric, a blend of functional fibers, the Wingsuit is suitable for all outfits, from business attire to gym wear. Because it is ultra breathable and temperature regulating, it goes well in different climates and seasons.


Like everything at Insider, functionality is the key: Wingsuit is machine washable, does not require ironing, and does not fade over time. A sophisticated, timeless and long-lasting addition to your closet.


The Wingsuit: comfort and versatility

The Wingsuit is Insider’s women's wide blouse, perfect to be worn at home with extreme comfort or to go out, composing casual and athletic outfits. In addition to being a timeless item, this functional coat is made from highly breathable and cold fabric that offers temperature maintenance and greater thermal comfort.

Our challenge was to create a comfortable, sophisticated and beautiful piece at the same time, without giving up on the technologies already known in our products. The Wingsuit united all these features in one garment!

Minimalist and futuristic design

As the name implies, its design is as wide as a wing, however, this bat-sleeved blouse draws the silhouette in an elegant and non-obvious way. Its minimalist look facilitates the composition with any piece and style of clothing.

The mix of straight and geometric cutouts with the rounded and more organic shapes of the silhouette give the piece a futuristic and sophisticated design. The tapered sleeves and double cuffs give a feeling of mobility and lightness.

Ease of composition in looks is another important advantage of this blouse. The lightly textured fabric brings elegance to any outfit and the “opaque” effect makes it not interfere with other textures and styles.

Techsture Tech Mesh

Like all Insider’s essentials, the Wingsuit is extremely durable and dries quickly. It is machine washable and sustainable. Made with techsture mesh, raw material produced with reuse water and 100% biodegradable.

In addition to this functional coat, we also developed the Techsture Vest. Our ultra versatile and technological structured vest made with TECHSTURE fabric for our women's line.