Motion Shorts

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Motion Shorts

Motion Shorts

Regular price $35
Sale price $35


The Motion Shorts are our take on the classic biker shorts. Its design boasts high comfort and functionality, as well as anti-odor and ultra-elastic properties, making them a versatile piece that works both as sportswear and casualwear. The shorts also feature a smart side pocket that's just the right size to safely accommodate your phone.

Composition: 77% Polyamide and 23% Elastane

Model in black wears size S

Model in blue wears size XL.

Product characteristics

  • Anti odor

  • Breathable

  • Perfect fit

  • Ultra light and soft

  • Thermal regulation

  • Biodegradable


Our gym shorts are made with polyamide (a flexible synthetic fiber), offering firm support without excessive compression. It keeps you feeling secure and comfortable while exercising, no matter how intense your regiments are. Additionally, they feature anti-odor technology and their texture and structure mean they don't roll up on the leg during physical activities, guaranteeing you a worry-free workout session.


Insider's gym shorts absorb and wick away sweat quickly, preventing unpleasant dampness from lingering in your clothing. Besides helping to manage your body heat and staying dry, they are ultra-resistant and durable. Once you get to try our Motion Shorts, they'll be an immediate addition to your everyday essentials.


Motion Shorts

Insider’s fitness shorts have a short length and tight fit to the body, with great stretchiness and the perfect. The fabric is ultra-soft and has quick drying that makes all the difference in a sports routine.

The fitness shorts were developed with high coverage to avoid transparency during sports practice. It has reinforced seams that ensure durability, safety, and greater freedom. Simply combine the shorts with the Energy Top and you are ready to practice your favorite physical activity.

Technology that makes the difference

Overall, women's fitness shorts seem to be a simple garment to choose. However, anyone who has ever worn uncomfortable shorts during sports practice knows how it can hinder performance. Some shorts can roll up the leg, while others are made with inadequate and uncomfortable fabrics.

Insider develops essential products with technology, that is why it created these fitness shorts, which have a quality above the others found in the market. It is made of polyamide, a comfortable and malleable fabric, which does not affect mobility and flexibility during movements.

Our shorts also feature anti-odor and anti-sweat technology. It is a high waist fitness shorts with great thermal comfort that prevents the feeling of humidity throughout the workout and compresses at just the right amount.

Get to know Insider's fitness line

Our women's fitness line provides greater comfort and maximizes sports performance. Through technologically functional clothing, Insider seeks to make life easier for the lovers of sports and outdoors - from weekend to professional athletes.

Besides the fitness shorts and the Energy Top, make sure to also check out our Performance T-Shirt. It features NASA's Outlast technology, capable of regulating body temperature and offering greater thermal comfort. The Performance T-Shirt is also ultralight and has UV50 + protection, ideal for those who like to exercise outdoors.