Comfy Bra

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Comfy Bra

Comfy Bra

Regular price $34
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The Comfy Bra provides great support without compromising on comfort. It ensures a well-structured fit and security without tightening while being gentle on the skin. It is the ideal model for women with large breasts to feel secure to face their schedules.

Outer composition: 87% polyamide (nylon 6.6) and 13% elastane.

Inner composition: 88% modal and 12% elastane.

Model in black. Height: 5'5, size S | 2, bra 34B

White and blue model. Height: 5'9, size XL | 12, bra 34C.

Product characteristics

  • Ultra light and soft

  • Antibacterial

  • Anti moisture

  • Biodegradable

  • Does not fade


Absorbent and breathable, this comfortable bra retains moisture and evaporates it quickly, preventing that damp feeling throughout the day. Developed with antibacterial technology, the fabric is anti-odor as it inhibits the proliferation of bacteria that causes it.


Comfy is a high support bra with wider straps and well structured sides. With built-in seams and no uncomfortable wires, it offers both design and comfort.


Comfy Bra

You don’t have to compromise on style to have an extremely comfortable, high performance bra. Insider's comfy bra is a well-structured, wide straps bra that is both good looking and comfort at the same time.

We designed it to become women’s best ally to face a busy schedule and a busy routine. It unides sturdiness and comfort and features all of Insider’s technology, being anti-odor and anti-sweat, avoiding the feeling of humidity throughout the day.

Comfort in all situations

It is not easy to find a high-support bra that is also comfortable and technological. Comfy is the ideal choice for the woman who seeks a functional and versatile underwear, without giving up on style.

This is a bra with wide straps, great lateral support, and that easily adapts to the body, providing the necessary safety to face a long day. In addition, it does not have uncomfortable wires and does not leave marks on the skin - more comfort and support, less unwanted marks.

Technology used by Insider

Insider's products are anti-odor and anti-sweat, fundamental characteristics for a warming climate. The comfy bra has a double layer, absorbing and evaporating the sweat quickly, avoiding the uncomfortable feeling of humidity throughout the day.

The inner layer is made of modal and elastane, while the outer layer is made of polyamide and elastane. The fibers used in the manufacture of the garment are noble and soft. In addition, the antibacterial property is 75% more efficient than cotton, preventing the proliferation of bacteria that cause bad odor.

Sustainability is part of our DNA

We created a comfortable bra with low environmental impact. After all, sustainability is part of Insider's DNA and is present in all our products. That is why we use biodegradable fibers in the composition of the comfy bra. This way, it can be disposed of in landfills, because it will decompose.

In addition, for a garment to be considerably sustainable, it is necessary to think about several stages of the production process. Knowing this, we chose to use modal, a fiber that uses four times less water during its manufacture when compared to cotton.

Technological and high-performance bras

It is not easy to find a bra for large breasts that is well structured and comfortable. The model created by Insider uses a highly technological fabric and has a functional design for everyday life, providing the necessary support and firmness, but without giving up elegance.

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