Lounge Bra

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Lounge Bra

Lounge Bra

Regular price $40
Sale price $40


With a design that prioritizes versatility and functionality, the Lounge Bra works well either as underwear or as a sports bra. Showing off a relaxed design, this bra nonetheless pulls its weight, alongside exhibiting Insider clothing's key features: anti-odour, anti-moisture, sustainable materials and ultra-softness.

External composition: 87% polyamide (nylon 6.6), 13% elastane.

Internal composition: 88% modal e 12% elastane.

Product characteristics

  • Ultra light and soft

  • Antibacterial

  • Anti moisture

  • Biodegradable

  • Does not fade


Our best coverage and most well-supported model yet, the Lounge Bra can be used for many purposes, from sportswear, to casual everyday, or even as a top when going out for lunch with friends. With its minimalistic design, it goes from underwear to a casual sports bra in a flash. Meanwhile, its simple appearance solidifies it as a must-have basic piece, perfect for pairing with other articles of clothing for a whole range of fun and distinct looks.


The Lounge Bra is made with lighter, softer and more sustainable materials, including biodegradable polyamide on the outer layer. Besides that, the Lounge Bra also has anti-odour and anti-moisture technology woven into the materials and design, as well as adjustable straps and removable padding, guaranteeing a comfortable and customizable experience.


V bra

Choosing the right underwear for the everyday challenges and needs is essential. With that in mind, Insider created the V Bra. Its design and high performance materials enhance cleavage and waist, bringing a sexier look.

This style was designed to deliver autonomy, safety and comfort in your daily activities and its made from a soft and breathable fabric.

Learn more about the V Bra

All of Insider's bras and panties, as well as every other piece, are technologically created, focusing on comfort and high performance. Its minimalist design together with sustainable materials, like modal and polyamide, make the V Bra an essential item to all women.

Insider's V Bra can be worn as a basic everyday underwear as much as a sports bra. Its high support and removable padding will improve cleavage and push it up.

The V bra has no back hook or eye closure, it's a pull-on top that can be worn as a sports bra or out as a top. The bra fits easily any body type due to its all-over stretch fabric that doesn't show under your clothes.

Sustainability and high performance

Designing sustainable and comfy pieces that don't impact the environment are some of Insider's importante values. As a result, the V Bra fabric is made from biodegradable fibers that can be compost and will decompose.

Thinking about temperature comfort, Insider created items like the V bra with a plunge neckline with anti odor and anti sweat technology as well as fibers that pull moisture away from your body, improving evaporation.

For better protection, the V bra also has anti-bacterial specs. The modal and polyamide fabrics protect the piece against bacteria that can cause bad odor.

More bra styles

Choose your favorite


The Comfy Bra gives you high support while still keeping it comfortable. This style has wide straps and side support, which will make you feel safe to face everyday challenges with no worries. The fabric will adjust to your curves without showing under tight clothes.


Versatility is a fundamental feature in underwear, especially for a fast paced lifestyle. Thinking of that, Insider designed the Flex Bra: fully adjustable straps that convert to crossback or halter neck. This is a piece to wear every day and that will suit every style.

Energy Bra

This V-neck sports bra is a versatile piece that can be worn during day and night, as part of a casual or an active sport look. Its smooth yet secure feel brings the necessary comfort for day-to-day use.

Functionality and technology

All of Insider's bras are wireless, functional, comfy, highly technological, anti odor, anti sweat and antibacterial. We put together the most essential features for a high performance underwear that aims to make your everyday life simpler.