Daily T-Shirt

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Daily T-Shirt

Daily T-Shirt

Regular price $29
Sale price $29 Regular price $28


Once you try Insider's Daily T-Shirt, you'll never let it leave your regular rotation of outfit options. This top has a classic fit that's universally flattering while boasting textile properties like antimicrobial features and high breathability for maximum comfort and long-term wear.

Composition: 94% Eco Vero viscose and 6% elastane

Model height: 6'0, size: M | 30.

Product characteristics

  • Antimicrobial

  • Thermal regulation

  • Anti odor

  • Breathable

  • Ultra light and soft

  • Sustainable


The Daily T-Shirt has silver ion nanotechnology applied to the surface of the fabric. This innovation, tested according to ISO 18184, is capable of deactivating 99.9% of the viruses. It deactivates microorganisms quickly so that the shirt remains safe against cross contamination while walking outside the comfort of your home.


The Daily T-Shirt is made of quality fabric that results in a soft and highly breathable shirt. With anti-sweat technology that allows for rapid evaporation of moisture, the Daily T-Shirt helps to avoid the feeling of smothering sweat while protecting against the proliferation of bacteria that causes odor and discomfort.


Men's Daily T-Shirt

Insider's Daily T-Shirt is proven effective against viruses with a reduction of up to 99.9% against the strains tested, according to ISO 18184 (Textiles: Determination of antiviral activity of textile products).

The antimicrobial action in the fabric makes it a safer medium for cross contamination by restricting the growth of microorganisms.

How the technology works

The Daily T-Shirt features a formulation designed to inhibit the growth and permanence of bacteria and other microorganisms on its surface. The result is a rapid deactivation of microorganisms, making it safer for everyday use.

Is the t-shirt only short-sleeved?

For the time being yes, but we are developing new products daily

How long does the protection last after home washing?

The anti-viral protection is guaranteed for at least 50 washes, and may extend depending on the aggressiveness of the wash.

What is the advantage of an antiviral application on a garment such as a t-shirt?

By using a t-shirt with antiviral application, cross contamination is avoided, i.e., when having contact with a contaminated person, the person wearing the t-shirt with antiviral protection does not take this contamination to his home, to the laundry, or to himself by rubbing his hand on the t-shirt and then on his face.

How does the antiviral fabric act against viruses?

In 2 ways: 1) By breaking the bilipidic layer of the virus causing the viral DNA/RNA, when exposed to the environment, to reduce its infectious capacity. 2) By blocking the binding of the virus in the host cells, thus preventing the virus from releasing its genetic material (DNA or RNA) inside them, reducing its infectious capacity in the cells.

Are there any side effects of this antiviral application on human health?

No, our product is non-cytotoxic, with stabilizers of vegetable origin and internationally validated technology through ISO 18 184, AATCC 100, and ASTM E 2149 certifications.