Safe Hi-Rise Hipster

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Safe Hi-Rise Hipster

Safe Hi-Rise Hipster

Regular price $20
Sale price $20


Our re-interpretation of the hot pant style underwear, the Safe Hi-Rise Hipster ensures comfort and confidence for women who prefer greater coverage and security. With antibacterial attributes and high breathability, it guarantees its wearer a sense of well-being and functionality throughout the day.

Outer composition: 87% polyamide (nylon 6.6) and 13% elastane.

Inner composition: 88% modal and 12% elastane.

Model in black. Height: 5'9, size XL | 12, bra 34C

Product characteristics

  • Antibacterial

  • Ultra light and soft

  • Breathable

  • Anti moisture

  • Biodegradable

  • Does not fade


Made from micromodal and polyamide, two innovative and dependable fibers, the Safe Hi-Rise Hipster provides rapid absorption and evaporation of sweat, preventing the feeling of dampness from persisting all day. This feature combined with the antibacterial properties of the fabric result in a highly effective block against unpleasant odors and sensations.


Fitting perfectly to the body is the first step to being a comfortable panty. Our Safe Hi-Rise Hipster has built-in seams that make them even more comfortable: they mould to the wearer's figure without being too tight and do not mark the skin. These are the ideal high-waisted panties for everyday living.


Safe Hi-Rise Hipster

Hotpant undies have conquered many women because of its comfort and safety. Insider has reinterpreted the hotpant in a new, technological way, creating the Safe Hi-Rise Hipster. It features a hot pant design and noble, high-performance fabric.

Safe Hi-Rise Hipster goes beyond comfort. It is made with high quality materials, providing good breathability for the intimate region and avoiding humidity and the feeling of smothering.

Functional and comfortable design

Safe Hi-Rise Hipster is ideal for those looking for a high-waisted panty with wide sides. The model easily adapts to the body, without tightening or leaving marks on the skin. This is only possible due to its built-in seams and highest-quality fabric.

Thus, this panty provides the comfort and firmness needed to face a busy routine. In addition, hot pants models are versatile and can be worn with a variety of outfits.

Technological and functional fabrics

The choice of fabric is fundamental for the production of good lingerie. If not breathable, for example, perspiration in the intimate area increases, generating humidity and suffocation. For this reason, Insider's panties are produced with noble fibers.

The outside of the panties is made of polyamide, while the inside is made of modal. Safe Hi-Rise Hipster's fabrics also feature elastane, which ensures the comfort and adaptability of the piece to the body. The fabrics are able to absorb sweat and quickly evaporate it, increasing breathability. Like that isn’t enough, the fabric of the Safe Hipster is 75% more efficient in preventing the proliferation of bacteria than cotton.

Sustainable, low-impact production

Insider's products are created so as to generate the least possible impact on the environment -  sustainability is part of the brand's DNA. That is why we use an antibacterial fabric in the production of the panties, which, in addition to being good for your intimate health, is also environmentally friendly.

The fiber used to manufacture the Safe Hi-Rise Hipster is biodegradable, so the garment can be disposed of in landfills. Moreover, the modal - present in the inner part - uses four times less water than cotton during manufacturing.

Insider's tech panties

Insider's panties are produced with the most modern and functional fibers for lingerie. They are anti-odor, anti-sweat, comfortable, firm, and adapt to the body without leaving marks.

Safe Hi-Rise Hipster is ideal for those who like to wear high-waisted panties on a daily basis, feeling more comfortable with the firmness provided by the wide sides. Also, don't forget to check out Insider's Brief Low-Rise Hipster - the best choice for those who prefer bikini modeling, with a low waist and thinner sides.