Tech T-Shirt Long Sleeve

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Tech T-Shirt Long Sleeve

Tech T-Shirt Long Sleeve

Regular price $49
Sale price $49


With Insider's technology, Tech T-Shirt is our upgrade from the basic men's t-shirt made out of fibers up to 3x softer than cotton. The long sleeve version is a great call for winter time and in-between seasons, offering great body temperature control all day long. It is super durable and it does not fade over time.

Composition: 92% modal and 8% elastane
Model height: 6'0, size: M | 30.

Product characteristics

  • Anti odor

  • No need to iron

  • Thermal regulation

  • Does not fade

  • Ultra light and soft

  • Sustainable


Besides being ultra light and soft, the Tech T-Shirt Long Sleeve is extremely breathable, ideal for winter and mid-season, when the days are warm and the nights and mornings are cold.


The Tech T-Shirt Long Sleeve has all the functionalities you already know: no ironing, does not fade over time, odor and body temperature control.


The long sleeve t-shirt is a must in winter and mid-season. After all, when temperatures drop, it's time to put away your summer clothes and get the stronger pieces out of the drawers.

That's why Insider developed the Tech T-Shirt Long Sleeve, a men's long-sleeved t-shirt with thermodynamic technology, which helps regulate body temperature. With that, despite thermal variations throughout the day, you are protected and comfortable.

Technology and thermal comfort

It's not easy to get dressed in mid-season: while the beginning and end of the day are marked by lower temperatures, the weather heats up throughout the afternoon. To survive this variation, it is common to wear a long-sleeved blouse, coat and even a scarf.

However, the solution is not practical at all. After all, it is necessary to take and place the pieces several times a day. Therefore, it is important to wear technological clothing, capable of adapting to variations in temperature.

Our long sleeve t-shirt quickly absorbs and evaporates sweat. Thus, the breathability of the piece prevents the feeling of suffocation. Plus, you can avoid sweat stains and the feeling of dampness on frosty days.

Noble and sustainable fiber

The Tech T-Shirt Long Sleeve, long sleeve shirt from Insider, is produced with modal, a noble and ultra-pleasant fiber. It acts directly on regulation and thermal comfort, offering excellent levels of breathability. In addition, the fabric prevents the proliferation of bacteria that cause bad odor.

Modal goes through a sustainable cyclical process. During production, the waste recovery rate is 95%. Furthermore, it is biodegradable and compostable, facilitating disposal and reducing negative impacts on nature.


Design and versatility

Insider's long sleeve t-shirt is a minimalist blouse. It has a U-shaped bald collar that causes a nice visual effect highlighting the shoulders. The neckline is not very hollow and offers good protection for the chest, an important feature for cold days.

The long-sleeved black t-shirt can be combined with sweatpants or jogger pants, creating laid-back looks. It also works with twill bottoms for an office look. There are several good matches for a great, well-balanced look for many different occasions.


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