Tech T-Shirt

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Tech T-Shirt

Tech T-Shirt

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Women's Tech T-shirt is the ideal everyday t-shirt and it features sweat proof, anti odor technology and a minimalist design that goes well with all outfits. Its soft, breathable fabric guarantees comfort all day long.

Composition: 92% modal and 8% elastane

Model in white and blue: Height: 5'5, size S | 2, bra 34B

Model in black: Height: 5'9, size XL | 12, bra 34C.

Product characteristics

  • Anti odor

  • No need to iron

  • Thermal regulation

  • Does not fade

  • Ultra light and soft

  • Sustainable


Tech T-Shirt is the women's t-shirt that combines technology and versatility. Besides all of its technological benefits, it is a functional and minimalist garment that matches easily with many outfits. It brings convenience to the woman who has a busy schedule.


The technological fabric produced from noble fibers such as micromodal has rapid absorption and evaporation of sweat. This thermodynamic technology regulates body temperature, avoiding the sensation of smothering. It is also an anti-odor t-shirt with antibacterial action, blocking odor-causing microorganisms to grow.


Women's Tech T-Shirt

Those with a busy routine know that comfortable and breathable clothes make all the difference when it comes to facing a full schedule. The women's Tech T-Shirt is the ideal t-shirt for everyday use because it has anti-odor and anti-sweat technology and a very soft touch.

It unites technology and versatility in a single garment, which is why it is one of Insider's best-selling products. The minimalist design makes the women's Tech T-Shirt easy to combine with other clothes in the closet.

Comfort and versatility

Comfortable women's t-shirts are ideal for busy days. Our product was developed with noble fibers, ensuring a soft touch and adaptability to the body. Besides, the women's tech t-shirt does not fade with time, nor needs to be ironed.

The anti-sweat and anti-odor t-shirt is ideal for those who have a busy routine and are looking for a functional piece, but without compromising on style. With that in mind, Tech T-Shirts’s design can be easily matched with many looks: it can be worn in casual or formal looks.

Insider’s Technology

Insider uses technological fabrics to develop functional products for everyday life. The women's Tech T-Shirt is an anti-odor, anti-sweat garment. It features antibacterial action, which prevents the proliferation of bacteria that cause bad odor. 

With that, there is no reason to worry about embarrassing sweat stains under the arms. In addition, the model has thermodynamic technology, which regulates body temperature, a fundamental characteristic for those who live in a tropical country and live a busy life.

Sustainability and environmental impact

The Tech T-Shirt is made from modal fabric, which comes from reforested wood. One t-shirt made out of modal fabric uses 4x less water than a cotton one to be produced, a saving of 2000 liters per piece.


In addition, it is insecticide and pesticide free, as opposed to conventional cotton, whose production, despite occupying only 2.4% of the planet's planted area, accounts for 11% of the pesticides and 25% of the insecticides usage in agriculture worldwide.


Technological and high-performance t-shirts

Our women's t-shirt is an anti-odor, anti-sweat, and highly breathable t-shirt. It absorbs and evaporates perspiration quickly, avoiding the feeling of dampness under the arms - it is ideal for everyday life.

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