Tech T-Shirt V-Neck

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Tech T-Shirt V-Neck

Tech T-Shirt V-Neck

Regular price $42
Sale price $42


Tech T-Shirt V Neck is our reinterpretation of the basic V-neck t-shirt. Made out of soft fibers that adapt to the body, it allows you to move freely. It doesn't need to be ironed and it doesn't fade with time. It is a technological essential item for a comfortable routine.

Composition: 92% modal | 8% elastane

Model height: 6'00, size: M | 40

Product characteristics

  • Anti odor

  • No need to iron

  • Thermal regulation

  • Does not fade

  • Ultra light and soft

  • Sustainable


Tech T-Shirt V Neck is a great variation of the basic everyday t-shirt, featuring a shallow elegant v-neck with a minimalist design and all the features and technology of the Tech T-Shirt.


In addition to being a soft, ultra light t-shirt, Tech T-Shirt V Neck has all the features you already know: it doesn't need to be ironed, it doesn't fade over time, it's anti-odor and helps to regulate body temperature


How about a simple and effective way to vary your t-shirts? The Tech T-Shirt V Neck is a great alternative. The shallow elegant v-shaped neck is ideal for a clean, minimalist look suitable for both casual and work environments.

Insider’s t-shirts combine technology and smart design. We prioritize comfort and functionality in all of our products, focusing on wellness through clothing. 

Breathability and temperature control

Insider’s Tech T-Shirt V Neck is a high tech version of the traditional v-shaped neck t-shirt. It absorbs sweat and evaporates it quickly, offering an increased thermal comfort all day long. This also helps to avoid those inconvenient sweat rings on your armpit.

Our fabric also avoids unpleasant odors caused by microorganisms. Sweat, despite being a natural mechanism of the body, can obtain a bad smell when in contact with bacteria on the skin. By blocking the growth of those bacteria with its antibacterial action, our Tech T-Shirt V Neck will help to prevent bad odors throughout the day. 

Low environmental impact fabric

The Tech T-Shirt V Neck is made from modal fabric, which comes from reforested wood. One t-shirt made out of modal fabric uses 4x less water than a cotton one to be produced, a saving of 2000 liters per piece.

In addition, it is insecticide and pesticide free, as opposed to conventional cotton, whose production, despite occupying only 2.4% of the planet's planted area, accounts for 11% of the pesticides and 25% of the insecticides usage in agriculture worldwide.